Turmeric Teas

Discover our range of organic turmeric teas. Best known for its vibrant yellow colour and spicy flavor, turmeric is also nature’s goldmine of active compounds. Invigorating and rejuvenating, turmeric’s properties reduce heat around the body, supporting your mobility and concentration.

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Discover rich and invigorating blends like our Turmeric Active tea, bursting with turmeric, ginger, galangal and orange essential oils, along with our refreshing Three Ginger tea. Blended to put a spring in your step and support you through every adventure.

Our turmeric is sourced from India, where the farmers harvest the unique and golden root. The root is then dried and tested for essential oil content by our team of experts, to ensure our blends are high quality. Once blended, each turmeric tea bag is protected by our FSC® certified paper recyclable sachet that retains the quality and flavor until you are ready to enjoy. All our herbal teas come sustainably packaged in a recyclable carboard box too.

Shop the range of organic turmeric teas online today and uncover the amazing benefits of turmeric.