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The amazing benefits of turmeric

Turmeric is one of Pukka’s hero herbs. The potential health benefits of this vibrant root for our own wellbeing are vast and there have been countless pieces of research which demonstrate this.

Turmeric is well known as a spice used in Indian cuisine. In fact, its traditional Indian uses span far beyond this: it's been used for centuries to help keep the skin pure, the blood clean and the life long.

In traditional Indian herbal medicine (known as Ayurveda), turmeric has been used to help maintain healthy blood, skin, circulation and as a nourishment to feed the whole body. Could the key to the population of India having one of the lowest rates of chronic degenerative diseases in the world be due to their huge consumption of this incredible spice?

So why's turmeric so special?

Part of the reason is down to the characteristically strong yellow colour of this incredible root. These yellow pigments are collectively known as curcuminoids. The root is also brimming with essential oils knowns as turmerones. The curcuminoids and the turmerones work together within the body, helping to combat free radicals which can damage and age our bodies. They also stimulate a positive response within the body that can help circulation, protecting the brain, rejuvenating the liver and targeting pain.

Pukka Wholistic Turmeric capsules retain curcuminoids, turmeric essential oils and a full range of turmeric actives. This means we harness the effects of all 200 of turmeric’s bioactive compounds, not just those of the curcuminoids. Our unique wholistic extraction process enhances absorption and substantially increases potency.

What is turmeric good for? 

The health benefits of turmeric are vast and include:

  • Turmeric plays a role in supporting muscles, joints and wellbeing post exercise because of it's benefits on the musculoskeletal system and the digestive system. Our Turmeric Active tea and Turmeric Active capsules are specially formulated to support mobility and movement after sporting activities.

  • Research has shown that turmeric impacts upon certain pain receptors within the body; it has been demonstrated as being particularly effective for chest and abdominal pain, frozen shoulder and menstrual cramping.

  • Turmeric contains some very potent polyphenols, also known as antioxidants, that help to protect us from the effects of day-to-day life. Our Turmeric Active tea contains turmeric and green tea to keep you feeling energised and refreshed throughout the day.

  • Turmeric has a significant action upon the heart and the circulation. It supports processes that are involved with the efficient flow of blood to the heart and anti-platelet activity, helping to reduce the risk of plaque build up in the arteries.

  • Turmeric also supports functions associated with blood flow through the liver, improving the efficacy of liver detoxification pathways but also stimulating cellular repair mechanisms in damaged liver cells. This improvement in blood flow and quality impacts significantly upon the quality of the skin, and turmeric can therefore be an excellent remedy for any afflictions of the skin.

  • In the digestive system, turmeric helps balance levels of bacteria, supporting a healthy digestive environment.

What research is there on the benefits of turmeric?

Pukka is supporting a human clinical trial looking at the effects of our Wholistic Turmeric supplement on muscle recovery after exercise, with the University of Exeter. The study found promising evidence for its ability to relieve pain and improve physical function.

How we grow, source and harvest turmeric

Pukka has worked with Indian farmers for 15 years to increase the amount of land using ‘agroforestry’ to grow our organic turmeric. This is where plants and trees co-exist, protecting and nourishing each other, with coconut trees at the top, down to cacao trees, then to ginger and turmeric in the ground. This naturally replenishes the soil and is true biodiversity at work. So the turmeric in your herbal tea or supplement is the product of a community – not just of organic farmers but of different species of plants – all working in harmony.