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Giving back 1% for the Planet

As members of 1% for the Planet, we give 1% of everything we sell to environmental and social projects.

It’s part of our own campaign for positive change. Just by buying our incredible organic teas, you are helping to care for this beautiful earth. You buy, we give back. So thank you to every Pukka customer – together we are doing something really special.

Why do we support 1% for the Planet?

We do this because our precious planet really needs our help. The scale of environmental challenges we face is vast, from climate change to micro-plastic pollution.

The need for planetary action is real and pressing, but there is a problem.  Globally, only 3% of philanthropic giving goes to the environment. The non-profit 1% for the Planet, is on a mission to change that by bringing investment and doers together to accelerate smart environmental giving.  Their intent is to help fund a diverse range of environmental organisations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.

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What do we give?

Every year since 2016, Pukka has given 1% of our sales (not profit) to environmental and social projects.

Pukka’s 1% for the Planet giving is made up of four areas:

  • The fair premiums we pay to our farmers and growers when we purchase our ingredients, via our commitments to fair sourcing certifications; Fair For Life and FairWild. The fair premiums go directly to growers to spend on self-managed local community projects.

  • Certification fees paid to our certifiers (e.g. Soil Association, Fair For Life), organisations working tirelessly to engage others in protecting the environment.

  • Support for Pukka’s global climate partners in countries we source ingredients from: TreeSisters, with whom we have funded planting of over 1,200,000 trees in Madagascar, India, Brazil and Nepal; and the World Land Trust with whom we are protecting thousands of acres of forest in Guatemala and Mexico. Read more here

  • Support for local in country non-profits in Pukka’s largest markets. For example, we have projects in the UK with the Soil Association and Eden Project, in the Netherlands with The Pollinators, in Belgium with Natuurpunt and Natagora, and in the USA with Soul Fire Farm.

Here’s more about the impact some of these projects have had:

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Women as a force of nature, on behalf of nature

TreeSisters is a registered charity that exists to elicit collective responsibility for planetary restoration at the grassroots level with a focus on women’s empowerment and tropical reforestation.

Pukka has funded planting of over 1,200,000 trees through TreeSisters. Every time you buy Pukka products you are helping make this possible.

Pukka’s trees are planted in Madagascar, Nepal, India and Brazil, creating ecological and social benefits including soil restoration, the liberation of communities from extreme poverty and the protection of critically endangered animals through habitat restoration.

Inspiring visitors at the Eden Project

We have worked with the Eden Project since 2015, sharing a passion for connecting people, plants and the planet. Together, we have developed exhibits and activities where people can immerse themselves in the wonderful world of herbs. We invite visitors to taste our herbal teas and learn more about the plants we blend at the giant tea box installation, and explore the role business can play in supporting our environment in the Rainforest Biome.

So look for the 1% logo when you shop and even consider becoming a 1% member yourself. Together we can achieve so much more than we can alone.

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Author: Georgia Phillips

Herbal Mission Lead

In her role at Pukka, Georgia is responsible for bringing Pukka’s purpose and mission to life across the business, ensuring that everything Pukka does nurtures healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants. She leads the Mission team who deliver Pukka’s Impact Strategy, ensuring that Pukka achieves the social and environmental impact it seeks by being a business as a force for good.

Years of experience:

4 years at pukka


Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, B.Sc. in Anthropology, and an M.Sc. in Management.

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