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Dosha Quiz

According to Ayurvedadoshas are the energy patterns that flow around our bodies, governing our thinking and behaviour. There are three primary doshas - vatapitta and kapha – and we're all born with all three of them. But it’s the dominance of one or two of these doshas that defines who we are.

To enjoy a balanced mind, body and spirit, so the thinking goes, our unique dosha constitution needs to be in a state of equilibrium, when it isn’t, we fall ill.

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How would you describe your body type and how you look?

How would you best describe your metabolism?

How would you best describe your body temperature?

How would you describe your appetite and eating habits?

You’ve got a big project to deliver, which involves getting up to speed on a new subject…

When it comes to thirst and which drinks you favour…?

When it comes to energy levels...?

You’re waiting at the train station and your train is suddenly cancelled. Do you...?

Which of these best describes your home?

Your best friend forgets your birthday...?

Friends and colleagues say you are...?

Your dream date night would be...?

Your ideal holiday is...?

When it comes to the weekly food shop…?

In conversations...?

When it comes to sleep...?