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Pukka’s vision for the future

Imagine a world where we all care for our health and wellbeing with powerful organic plants. Throughout history, humans have used plants growing naturally in the wild to look after their health and wellbeing – and in cultures around the world today, many still do.

But modern life often disconnects us from nature, negatively impacting our health and wellbeing and causing us to neglect our innate wisdom. In a world obsessed with progress and technology, many of us have lost track of the deep insights of our ancestors on how to stay healthy and well. At Pukka, we believe this has to change.

We know that organic plants offer a natural and effective path to nurturing health as well as being a way to take better care of the planet upon which we depend. We champion a holistic herbal approach rooted in ancient wisdom and enlightened by the latest science. Through this, we aim to empower everyone to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

Pukka’s herbal experts, working towards our vision

Our herbal experts play a vital role in helping Pukka work towards its vision. 19% of the Pukka team have a formal qualification related to health, nutrition, herbal medicine or plant science. We passionately believe there is much to learn from the medical wisdom of traditional healing systems, coupled with expert understanding of scientific research.

There are several ways Pukka is working towards our vision, set out in Pukka’s theory of change (see 2021 Impact Report). In summary:

  • Reaching more people with organic plants: we work towards our vision through the herbal products we make. We source and use only high quality, fair and ethically sourced organic ingredients and our herbal experts draw on insights from the latest herbal research to make our blends. We keep innovating and bringing out new creations that suit different tastes, preferences and lifestyles but always with an eye on what really impacts upon human health and wellbeing.

  • Providing herb & lifestyle guidance for everyone: Pukka recognises that to find our optimal mental and physical health, there are four core areas that we much each attend to every day: restoring our bodies through sleep, eating and digesting well, exercising for our body type, and creating peace in our minds. Pukka shares information and tips via our social media, website, Pukka Collective, dosha quiz and events to help more people understand how to experience the benefits of powerful organic plants and a positive lifestyle. We have focused on supporting everyday health and wellbeing with sleep and calm over the last few years.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela. Pukka Life Academy: We also provide education for our employees, health practitioners and trade partners via the CPD accredited Pukka Life Academy. Interactive modules explore health and wellbeing from Ayurvedic and bio-medical perspectives. We match this digital resource with face-to-face sessions to support and encourage deeper learning within Pukka and our international community. To sign up to the Pukka Life Academy. Please email: education@pukkaherbs.com. Due to legal restrictions, this course is not available to members of the public.

  • Demonstrating scientific evidence for the effectiveness of herbs: Although herbs have been used by humans for millennia, for some there is limited modern scientific evidence for how they can help us. At Pukka we are working to change that. We have a full and growing research programme with more than 25 herbal studies ongoing in partnership with leading universities and research institutions. In 2021, we collaborated on a breakthrough study on the impact of Shatavari on women’s health, which suggests that this herb improves muscle health in post-menopausal women. We were also awarded highly sought-after external funding to look into two promising areas of herbal research: teas to strengthen immunity with the University of Southampton and the benefits of aromatic herbs with University of the West of England.

  • Advocating for recognition of the health benefits of herbs and spices: Today society faces growing rates of chronic health issues, ranging from cardiovascular disease to obesity and type 2 diabetes. At Pukka we’re calling for herbs and spices to be recognised for their value in supporting human health through the high levels of specific active compounds they contain. As well as being better for the planet, we know herbs work. Pukka is beginning to speak louder to increase recognition of the health benefits of herbs and spices.

Our Herbal team is made up of a range of professionals including: herbal research scientists delivering innovative research projects with a range of universities; health practitioners with qualifications in Nutritional therapy, Western herbalism, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine; a herbal rights lawyer; herbal product developers developing blends and innovating new herbal creations; as well as specialists in social and environmental impact including net zero and sustainable packaging. Members of our team are asked to speak at conferences and other events. Please contact education@pukkaherbs.com to request more information.

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