Matcha Tea

Discover the magic of matcha tea with our unique and organic blends. Blended with green tea, our herbal creations nourish your body, supporting your vitality and energy.

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We use high-quality organic matcha green tea in our blends. The young leaf tips of the tea plant are harvested and steamed to prevent oxidation, before being ground into a fine powder. You can find out more about the process in our matcha guide.

We then blend our matcha powder with fresh green tea leaves to create our unique Supreme Matcha Green tea. Once blended, each matcha tea bag is protected by our FSC® certified paper recyclable sachet that retains the quality and flavor until you are ready to enjoy.

Discover a world of revitalizing herbal tea, blended by our in-house experts. Our matcha green teas contain caffeine, which makes them ideal for an early morning pick-me-up or afternoon refreshment. Want to try something different? Our organic matcha can be used in our peach iced green tea recipe.

Shop our collection of energizing matcha teas today and find your new favorite blend.