Cinnamon Tea

Enjoy the soothing flavors of our warming cinnamon teas. Full of bright spice and cozy seasonal flavors like vanilla, cardamom and ginger, these teas will comfort your soul morning, noon, and night.

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Cinnamon is a favorite flavor of many and for good reason. This delicious spice is packed full of sweetness and warmth, making our spicy cinnamon teas the perfect go-to when you're looking for a little calm and coziness. Uncover warming blends of organic vanilla, cinnamon, and zingy ginger in our soothing Vanilla Chai.

The cinnamon that we use in our organic teas is sourced for its bold flavor and amazing benefits. We've partnered with a fair-trade certified grower in the hills of north Vietnam to ensure the benefits of our cinnamon spice teas extend beyond their flavor. Each tea bag also comes in its own FSC® certified recyclable paper sachet which retains the quality and flavor of your chai until you are ready to enjoy.

Shop the cinnamon herbal tea range today and let our warming cinnamon teas embrace and soothe your soul.