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What on earth is hemp?

Everyone seems to be talking about hemp – but what is it and how can it help you?

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana? Will it make me high?

Hemp and marijuana are two strains of the same plant, Cannabis sativa, but with very different properties. Marijuana is classified as a narcotic because it contains a substance known as THC which gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. Hemp has extremely low levels of THC (less than 0.2%) and therefore will not make you high.

When did all this become legal?

Hemp has been grown widely and legally across many EU countries and the US for centuries. In fact, all the way back in 1533, King Henry VIII made it compulsory by law to grow hemp. For every 60 acres of farmland, cultivators had to grow ¼ acre of hemp as this was used to create rope for the Royal Navy.

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What is Peace tea? When should I drink it?

Peace tea is a delicious blend with minty notes, a flourish of chamomile, serene lavender and, of course, hemp. A tea to enjoy any time of the day when you may be feeling the burden of life, challenged or uneasy.

How may cups can I drink per day?

Peace tea can be enjoyed at any time of the day and however many times you wish.

Author: Dr Vivien Rolfe

Head of Herbal Research

Viv is a gut physiologist and has recently achieved a Foundation in Herbal Medicine. She leads Pukka’s research programme to explore how herbs can benefit our health and be used to widen healthcare choices. This includes research into herbs for Women’s health and as alternatives to antibiotics. She establishes global research partnerships and enthuses the next generation of scientists through Pukka’s Scholarship Scheme. She is a champion of diversity in science and open access to knowledge.



Years of experience:

30+ years in the wellbeing industry and academia


Degree in Physiology University of Sheffield, PhD University of Sheffield, Foundation in Herbalism Heartwood, MBA Entrepreneurship (on-going) Edinburgh Napier University, Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Professional Registrations:

Membership of Nutrition Society, Physiological Society, Society for Chemical Industry, and other herbal and botanical groups.

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