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Three Herbs to Start Your Day

We all love a strong morning routine to help us feel balanced and ready to meet the day. At Pukka, an essential part of our morning routines include a piping hot cuppa herbal tea, and this can be a different herbal tea each day depending on how we’re feeling. You can add some extra variety into the start of your days with a different herbal tea based on your mood, your needs, or even just what you’re craving! Herbs are a delicious and uplifting way to enjoy some extra energy, some grounding warmth, or a buzz of clarity. These are our three favorite herbs to start your day:


Matcha is a unique form of bright green tea derived from young green tea tips that support metabolism and energy while also supporting natural cleansing and detoxification processes. Containing only a small amount of caffeine, matcha is a wonderful choice of herbal tea for the early parts of the day to limit the amount of stimulating caffeine that can disrupt our circadian cycle. Matcha is unique in that it also contains the amino acid, L-Theanine, which when combined with the small amount of caffeine allows this blend to be mildly energizing without the jolt or crash of excessive caffeinated drinks. Brewing this tea makes for a vibrantly rich, green herbal tea that is sure to spark your senses and invigorate your taste buds. Enjoy Matcha in our Supreme Matcha Green tea.


On those chillier mornings when you need to warm up fast, ginger is the perfect herb to reach for with its grounding, zesty, warm and comforting flavor. Ginger is characteristically warming and pungent. Its spicy nature makes it an excellent aid for healthy digestion, bright eyes and warm hands. We love ginger in the mornings to stoke our digestive fire and get our digestion ready for a hearty breakfast. Enjoy the zest of ginger in our Three Ginger Tea


On the spring and summer mornings when you need a refreshing and uplifting start to your day, try a warm cup of mint tea to awaken your senses and soothe your mind. The mint family is packed with aromatic essential oils, including menthol, giving its distinctive scent and taste. These essential oils are also responsible for many beneficial effects and have been used for centuries to cool and soothe digestive upsets, awaken the senses, and relax the mind. Enjoy peppermint, fieldmint and spearmint in our delicious Three Mint tea blend.