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Nighttime Rituals & Routines

Sleep is an essential pillar for our overall well being, health and happiness. Sleep is our body’s rest and repair time. A time for our whole mind and body to recover from the waking hours, and replenish our energy reserves for the following day. All of us need to sleep, but less than half of us sleep well consistently!

So many things contribute to achieving a good nights sleep. Our stress levels, our diets, daily exercise, our sleeping environment, and even our hormones play a role.  

Having a healthy routine to get ready for bed, and preparing yourself  mentally

and physically for sleep is key for getting good quality sleep. These Pukka tips can give you a little extra help to unwind and drift off naturally...

Sleeping Space:

  • Keep the space you sleep in peaceful, clean, and calm. 

  • We sleep best in a very dark, cool environment. Draw the curtains, leave the window cracked, and circulate fresh air while sleeping.

  • Remove screens from the bedroom, including phones and TV’s. 

  • If possible, invest in an extra comfortable mattress and bedding that feels extremely comforting and luxurious for you. You spend at least ⅓ of your life sleeping. Your bed should feel like a dreamy place to spend that time!

Personal Routines:

  • Prior to bedtime, enjoy a warm cup of soothing and relaxing herbal tea to calm the mind and body, like Pukka’s Night Time Tea

  • Enjoy a warm bath with epsom salts to relax your muscles. When you get out of the bath, the drop in body temperature encourages good quality sleep. 

  • Read, listen to a quieting audiobook or podcast, or enjoy a brief meditation before falling asleep. 

Supportive Circadian Rhythm Rituals:

  • As the sun sets and darkness settles, begin to dim the lights in your house. We need this darkness trigger to signal that it’s time for our body to go to sleep. 

  • Stay away from screens at least 1 hour before bed. Receiving blue light confuses the body into thinking we should still be awake after dark.

  • Wake with the sun, or at least experience sunlight when you wake up in the morning. Get outside for 5 minutes to enjoy the morning light and air, as this signals to your body that it is time for energy to rise and the day to begin. 

  • Move your body every day. Exercise and movement help to dispel stress and energy from the body, positively supporting a good night’s sleep in the evening. 

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