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Herbs for Relaxation

Pukka’s relaxing herbal heroes can support and encourage the mind and body’s natural processes before and during sleep. Whether you’re trying to adapt to a new sleep pattern, or just need to get a good night’s rest, there is a vast range of herbs that have a longstanding use for nourishing the nervous system and helping us to relax and wind down.


  • Lavender is a traditional aromatic sleep remedy, high in essential oils to relieve stress and support sleep.

  • Adding a touch of gentle sweetness to our Night Time tea, aromatic fresh or dried lavender flowers are also an ideal herb to keep by your bedside, especially for children, to promote calm and peaceful sleep. 


  • Perhaps the most widely used relaxing herb for soothing stress and anxiety within the entire body - most notably within our digestion and muscles. 

  • Ideal for the person who always feels some underlying anxiety, perhaps with jittery nerves, butterflies in their stomach, or constantly worrying. 

  • Can be found in many Pukka varieties, including Love and Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka tea.

Oat Flowering Tops 

  • A nutrient rich and deeply tonic herb, traditionally used to nourish the mind and strengthen a stress-overloaded nervous system.

  • Traditionally, oat tops were used to soothe mental exhaustion and deep fatigue (and best when used for at least four weeks!). 

  • Great for new parents, stressed out students, and folks working long hours. 

Valerian Root

  • A time honored herb used for generations to promote deep and restful sleep, especially for those with heavy physical fatigue who feel “tired and wired”. 

  • Valerian root helps to sedate, ground and settle a hyperactive nervous system (from too much daily stress), whilst also regulating the sleeping pattern to ensure an undisturbed and refreshing night's sleep.

  • Can be found in Pukka’s Night Time tea, where it works synergistically with several other calming herbs in the blend.