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Pukka's Sleep Hub

Deep, restful sleep is at the heart of our physical and mental wellness.

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to leave you feeling calm, energised and ready to face the world.

As we drift off each night, sleep is an opportunity to:

  • Help repair damaged cells

  • Naturally support our immune system

  • Recover from the day’s activities

  • Recharge your heart and cardiovascular system 

  • Improve mental clarity and decision making, helping our ability to cope with stress

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Start your journey to better sleep

Join our 7-day Sleep with Ease programme to create a sleep space, pattern and routine to help you sleep better, naturally. You'll find expert-led tips from Pukka's herbal team along with a free digital sleep diary to track and record your progress.

Track and share your progress

Have you started your journey to better sleep yet? Let us know how your Sleep with Ease schedule is going by sharing your story with us on our social channels using  @pukkaherbs  #SleepWithPukka