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How to make the perfect Pukka latte

Bristol-based pro barista, Paul Mah, shows us how to make your Pukka latte a deliciously smooth, picture-perfect masterpiece. Give it a go with your favourite Pukka latte at home.

Step one: Ace your paste

Spoon two heaped teaspoons of your Pukka latte powder into a mug or cup.

Add just a little of your plant-based milk of choice – although, for the best results, we recommend you go organic and choose a gently sweetened almond-based option.

Gently whisk into a smooth, dark paste.

Step two: Master your milk

Pour your milk into your pitcher, stopping a little less than half. Then put the steam wand tip just below the surface of the milk in the pitcher and begin to steam your milk.

When done right, you should hear a steady “hiss” as you add air to your milk creating the micro-foam you’re looking for.

After around five seconds, submerge your steam wand just a little more and tilt your pitcher slightly to get your milk spinning in a whirlpool motion. This will help give your milk that thick, glossy shine you’re looking for. Perfect for impressive latte art.

Keep spinning the milk, place your hand on the side of the pitcher to check the temperature, and when it’s too hot to touch (around 55-60 ºC), you’re done. Turn the steamer off and take the wand out of the pitcher.

Alternatively, you can warm the milk in a small saucepan, whisking continuously to create that luscious latte foam.

Step three: The perfect pour

Once the milk is made, give your pitcher a good thump on the counter to disperse any big bubbles.

Then, before pouring, swirl the milk around the pitcher to ‘polish the milk’ and make sure the milk and micro-foam are beautifully blended and velvety smooth. The more shine in your milk, the better.

Now go in for your perfect pour. Angle your cup towards the pour spout of the pitcher and pour at a steady pace. The key is to pour the milk alongside your cup by resting the spout of the jug on the top of your cup.

This is your greatest chance of also wowing people with your latte art skills too.

Below is a video tutorial on how to make the perfect Pukka latte, with Paul talking you through each step in the process. Or, if you don’t have a steam wand, prepare your Pukka latte and try one of these frothing techniques at home.

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