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B Corp: Using business as a force for good

Pukka is proud to be a UK founding member of the fast-growing global community of almost 4,000 B Corp businesses. B Corps are taking positive action to have positive social and environmental impact, by operating in a sustainable and transparent way.

The B Corp way – better business

To certify as a B Corp, Pukka is rigorously assessed through our completion of the B Impact Assessment every three years, which captures our ongoing commitment to meet the highest standards of environmental and social performance. You can learn more about what Pukka’s B Corp certification means in practice below, with examples from each different area of the B impact assessment:

Workers -What does it mean to be a better employer?

As part of our commitment to Fair for Life (the gold standard in fair and ethical trade), Pukka ensures everyone, from our growers and collectors around the world, are paid fairly and have safe working conditions. At Pukka, we actively promote a development culture with a strong emphasis on learning programmes in nature. Mindfulness courses are offered to all our employees in addition to four volunteering days annually. Employees can also claim back costs in connection to personal wellbeing and development activity. These benefits are unique to working at Pukka and support our culture by keeping our people connected to our mission. 89% of Pukka people said they would recommend Pukka as a great place to work in our last employee survey.

Environment - What does it mean to be a better steward of the planet?

Pukka was the first UK company of our size to have our climate goal – to be carbon zero by 2030 – validated by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). We were also one of the first UK businesses to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency. We use 100% local renewable electricity from Good Energy’s Selectricity. We ran a second Do Nation challenge to encourage Pukka people to reduce their collective carbon footprint. Over 100 of the team made 915 pledges, saving over 2 million cups of tea worth of carbon or 122 tonnes.

Community - What does it mean to be a better guardian to communities?

Every year, Pukka anonymously surveys employees to better understand gender identity, race/ethnicity, disability status, and other demographic factors to track the diversity of our workforce. We have a cross-functional team who have set specific, measurable inclusion and diversity improvement goals and these are reviewed regularly by our Leadership Team. We are a member of 1% for the Planet which means that we give 1% of our turnover (not profit) to environmental and social initiatives.

Governance - What does it mean to be a better business?

As well as our Board of Directors, Pukka also has a Mission Council, chaired by Jonathon Porritt, which includes climate, farming, supply chain and health experts. Their deep knowledge and guidance challenge the Pukka team to continually improve our social and environmental performance. Pukka produces a Sustainability or Impact Report every year and is proud to share our progress against social and environmental impact commitments in this way.

Customers - What does it mean to be a better steward to customers?

Pukka is certified organic, Fair For Life and FairWild and these certifications reflect our commitment to people, plants and planet in our value chain. Our Quality assurance team uses third party methodologies to ensure quality assurance of our products. The Pukka customer care team responds to all direct inquiries or complaints within a few days. We take care to respect our customers and consumers’ data and privacy ensuring we are GDPR compliant and managing data privacy.

These are some of the areas we are showing our commitment to being a certified B Corp. Visit the official B Corp website to see a full breakdown of Pukka's full B Corp score.