Wild Apple And Cinnamon Hot Toddy | Pukka Herbs
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Wild Apple And Cinnamon Hot Toddy

  • 2 persons
  • 10 min

A comforting cocktail to warm the heart and soothe the senses. A perfect tipple to enjoy as the nights draw in and the weather grows cold, this has just the right balance of sweetness and spice with a little extra kick. Steep Pukka's Wild Apple and Cinnamon tea to combine apple, sweet cinnamon and hints of lively ginger and clove. Choose your tipple of choice, we suggest using darker spirits such as rum, whiskey or bourbon for a deep flavour that warms you from head to toe.

What you need:

  • 350 ml apple juice

  • 1 Pukka Wild Apple and Cinnamon tea bag

  • 50 ml dark liquor - rum, whiskey or bourbon all work well

What you do

  1. Heat the apple juice to almost boiling, then remove from the heat

  2. Add the tea bag and allow to steep for 5 minutes

  3. Add 50ml of your chosen dark liquor to a cup

  4. Remove the teabag and pour the warm infused apple juice

  5. You can garnish with cinnamon sticks and apple slices