Pukka's 2019 Sustainability Highlights Report | Pukka Herbs
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Pukka's 2019 Sustainability Highlights Report

Pukka was founded on a mission to create a business that lives in a regenerative way, benefiting the health of people, plants and the planet.

Pukka people are truly connected to this mission and to bring it to life without compromise; from the quality of our organic practitioner-grade herbs fairly and sustainably sourced from around the world, to the organic cotton string used to stitch our tea bags together. We continually challenge ourselves to be better.

This year’s sustainability highlights report includes our key sustainability metrics from 2019. Along with our actions and responsibilities when it comes to three key areas:

  • Climate emergency - our response to the emergency across our operations and beyond. 

  • Organic and fair herbs - our commitment to regenerative organic agriculture and sourcing plants fairly and sustainably.

  • Sustainable packaging - detailing the progress we've made towards more sustainable packaging and a look at future commitments.


You can read the full 26 page report here.