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Pukka Pillow Talks - A virtual series

Join us alongside industry experts and influential speakers at the Pukka Pillow Talk virtual series.

A five-day series of free health and wellbeing discussions with industry experts and inspirational speakers. Panels will take an in-depth look at hormonal health, why rest is essential for revolution, mental health and anxiety in uncertain times, sleep as a superpower and juggling everything as a parent.

Each panel will be approximately 45 minutes with a 15-minute Q&A to finish. Attendees can register for multiple events, but tickets are limited.

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Dream Bigger: Moving onwards and upwards from times of uncertainty

Host Vogue Williams will be joined by Pandora Sykes, Megan Crabbe, Nicole Crentsil and Dr Sarah Vohra to explore anxiety during times of uncertainty, whether 'pandemic dreams' are really a thing and how mental health can impact our sleep.

text with image Pillow Talks - Tuesday Lucy Mecklenburgh

Too Bloody Tired: How can parents possibly do it all (and sleep)?

Join Lucy Mecklenburgh, Dani Dyer, Ella Grimwade and Dr Zoe Williams as we explore juggling parenting with work, the importance of self-care and why sleep deprivation shouldn't be the 'norm' for parents. The panel will discuss how the pandemic has changed family dynamics, whether this has led to increased stress levels and share personal experiences, tips and advice for parents trying to do it all.

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Hormonal Health is Wealth: How our hormones affect sex, stress, cycles and sleep

Hosts Clara Amfo and Jo Webber, Head of Herbal Education at Pukka, will be joined by Dr Anita Mitra (Gynae Geek), Dr Sara Kayat and Felicity Hayward. In this panel we will look at hormones and their impact throughout all life stages, from puberty and pregnancy, to the menstrual cycle and menopause. They’ll discuss the relationship between sleep, fertility, sex and stress and share advice on how to harness your hormones.

text with image Pillow Talks - Thursday

Rest and Rise: Why rest is essential for revolution and liberation

Host Munroe Bergdorf will be joined by some of the most inspiring and noteworthy racial activists of our time - Mikaela Loach, Ellesse Char and Amika George - to generate an empowering discussion to inspire others and spark change. This panel will open up a conversation around why the revolution and liberation of Black women depends on their ability to rest.