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Introducing our hemp Peace tea

Expertly blended by our Master Herbsmith and Ayurvedic practitioner, Sebastian Pole, Peace tea is nature’s antidote to everyday challenges, supporting your mind and body’s natural responses to worry and stress.

A welcome addition to our Relax family, this soothing combination of practitioner-grade organic herbs - including hemp and ashwagandha - is sure to leave you feeling both energised and calmed.

The result? A sweet and soothing cup of organic herbal bliss that can be enjoyed throughout the day, to re-instate balance and help you relax when you need it most.

Introducing our Peace tea

Our Peace tea blend is naturally caffeine-free and only contains ethically sourced, 100% organically grown ingredients. Not only good for you, but great for the planet too:

  • Hemp: a member of the Cannabis sativa plant species.

  • Ashwagandha: loved by herbalists for its ability to strengthen and calm, nourishing the nervous system, boosting the immune system and reducing stress

  • Chamomile: famous for its relaxing qualities, it is also used to reduce irritability and upset digestion

  • Lavender: classic herb for lifting the spirits, easing emotional pain and promoting relaxation within the nervous system, digestion and mind

  • Spearmint: beautifully fragrant and full of aromatic menthol, helping to calm and relax the digestive system as well as opening the mind and lifting ‘heaviness’

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