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Our anti-racist vision and action

Our vision is to live in a world where everyone is respected for being themselves. We strive to create this environment and believe this can only be possible when our people act with compassion, empathy, and respect.

In this context, during Spring 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement made us reappraise our approach to racism. A passionate team of people led the company on a journey of asking difficult questions, reflecting, and learning.

As a result, we pledged to become an anti-racist organisation. To make that possible we’ve challenged (and continue to challenge) ourselves, our influence, and our voice. This is continuous work and we have remained committed. We have taken the following steps to become an anti-racist organisation in the past three years:

  • We aim for every Pukka person to feel they can be themselves. We measure this annually through a voluntary employee survey*

  • Every employee completes annual mandatory training related to Inclusion, Bias and Anti-Racism

  • We have a Race Affinity Group with representation from our Leadership Team and our internal ally group (Team Inclusion)

  • We have become members of the HALO code

  • We facilitate continuous learning and awareness with external speakers

  • We frequently review our internal policies to be as inclusive as possible (including communicating support avenues should an employee experience or witness racism or any form of non-inclusive behaviour)

  • We have a large team of qualified Mental Health First Aiders

  • We promote and support allyship and psychological safety through our values of Truth, Respect, Clarity and Courage

  • Everywhere we speak, both internally and externally, we strive for be inclusive and representative

  • We incorporate being anti-racist into how we choose our external partners and how we continue to work with them to push for wider change

As part of our ongoing commitment, to date in 2023, our Leadership Team, People Team, and the Leaders of our Race Affinity Group have completed Race Equity Mental Health Training. In addition, all our employees will complete 1 hour of mandatory self-guided learning to further their allyship journey.

Becoming anti-racist will continue to take time, courage, soul searching and introspection. We’re doing it because being representative and inclusive is the right thing for our people, our business, and the wider world.

Who works at Pukka?

Pukka's Leadership roles are currently comprised of 57% female-identifying employees and 29% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic employees*.

Across our whole company globally 19% of our employees are Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic*. In our hometown of Bristol, UK, 18.9%** of the population belong to Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic groups and we continue to strive for fair representation across all levels of our business.

* Our most recent survey was January 2023.

**2021 Bristol Census

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