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A letter from our CEO regarding coronavirus

To all in our Pukka community,

I hope during these times of uncertainty, you are finding moments of peace to show yourself kindness and compassion.

Like all of us at Pukka, I am sure you are doing your best to embrace the current challenges, whilst prioritising the safety and wellbeing of yourself and those around you. We want to support as many of you in our Pukka community as possible and are working hard to ensure that Pukka plays a role that is safe, helpful and appropriate in the circumstances.

Whilst we continue to do our best to adapt to the ever-evolving situation as thoughtfully and carefully as we can, I want to share how we are currently responding: 

Our people

Our number one priority is the safety of Pukka people and you, and we are diligently following government guidelines and best practice.

Our office-based and remote sales Pukka people have been working from home since Monday 16th March and will continue to do so until government guidelines state that it is safe to go back to our normal ways of working.

As per government guidelines, our warehouse team are considered to be key workers in food production doing valuable work and continue to work from our warehouse in Bristol. We meet daily to review their safety and wellbeing and have already made some changes - such as social distancing and thermal screening - to further support them.

Our herbal products

Our organic herbal teas can play a helpful role in supporting wellbeing and we are working hard to ensure that you can still get hold of as many of our herbal products as possible.

We are staying close to retailers and trade customers and doing everything we can to continue supporting and supplying them, whilst maintaining health and hygiene measures in our warehouse and production facility to protect the safety of our teams and you.

We are also sharing our herbal teas with our heroic NHS workers in hospitals local to us and in UK cities. Now more than ever, we want to show our love and appreciation for NHS workers, doing all they can to protect and care for those who need it most at this time.

Our herbs

Our in-house sourcing team scour the globe in search of the best of nature’s powerful organic herbs. Food safety and hygiene are always important to us and we have well established and robust protocols in place to ensure all biological, physical and chemical contamination are controlled. Given the circumstances, we have reviewed all our procedures and adapted them to ensure we are operating diligently, with the highest care possible.

Our communities

We are still here to support you and want to help. Like many of you, our customer services and remote sales teams are working from home. To help us come back to you in good time, please visit our ‘contact us’ webpage for the best ways to get in touch and take a look at our ‘FAQs page’, because we might be able to speedily answer a question in there.

I am proud to work at Pukka every day, but in these circumstances, I could not be more grateful and proud to work with such a committed and compassionate team.

As always, we are doing all we can to support our Pukka communities every day and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Karel Vandamme, CEO Pukka Herbs

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