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Wonderberry green tea has been delisted

Unfortunately, we discontinued our Wonder Berry Green tea from June 2021.

Whilst a unique blend, consumer popularity is much stronger for other blends in our range. But don’t panic, if it’s a Green Tea you’re looking for, why not try one of our other 4 Green Tea blends:

Or if it’s berry and herbal comfort and warmth you’re looking for, our Elderberry & Echinacea tea contains echinacea paired with ripe wild fruits (the purple-black elderberry and inky blackcurrant) to support seasonal needs.

What about the green collection?

Unfortunately, our Wonder Berry Green blend was discontinued from June 2021 and so is no longer included in our Green Collection pack. Instead, you’ll get an additional bag of our remaining 4 green teas, each created to delight your taste buds and stir your soul. To stay true to Green Tea lovers, our Green Collection pack contains the full range of our current Green Tea blends. Dip into emerald pools of magical matcha and green teas made brilliant with cooling mint, refreshing lemon and the spring of ginseng.

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