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The pitta response to stress

Pitta types are determined, sharp-witted and competitive with clear, confident speech. They often have strong opinions and are good decision makers. This dosha type is dominated by the fire element, and when put under unexpected pressure may become too ‘hot under the collar’. This can show through increased irritability, frustration and anger. This type can also relish the challenge even though it may exhaust them leading to ‘burn-out’. Physical symptoms in response to stress triggers in this type include increased sweating, heartburn, acid indigestion, diarrhoea and hypertension.

If you don't already know what dosha you are, you can find out by taking our short dosha quiz.

So how do we balance pitta?

You can balance pitta’s hot and intense nature by seeking out the opposite qualities of calm, coolness and moderation. If you are feeling angry, try to think of a peaceful scene or situation. Going for regular walks in nature will also help put perspectives on things, especially if you can look out over a horizon. In times of stress its best to avoid reaching for spicy, salty and sour foods (such as chilies, crisps and alcohol) which all increase pitta in the digestive system. Avoiding stimulants such as alcohol and caffeine will also help keep cool and calm.

Pukka teas and supplements to try:

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