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Pukka's Herbal Expertise

We’re a company with a true herbal heritage; over 22% of our employees have a formal qualification (degree, masters or PhD) in herbal medicine, plant medicine or nutrition. We passionately believe there is much to learn from the medical wisdom of traditional healing systems, coupled with an expert understanding of scientific research.

One of the ways we deliver our mission is through the herbal creations we make. We source and use only the best quality, practitioner-grade, organic ingredients and our herbal experts draw on insights from the latest herbal research and education to make our blends.

We keep innovating and bringing out new creations that suit different tastes, preferences and lifestyles but always with an eye on what really impacts upon human health.

Why do we need a herbal revolution?

We want to spark a herbal health and wellbeing revolution, to help our society appreciate the benefits of herbs to human health. Human healthcare worldwide is at a pivotal point - and there are significant challenges ahead.

Around the world, we are living longer but less healthily. Diseases linked to both over and under-nutrition are highly prevalent, while antimicrobial resistance is an imminent global threat, making the need to find alternatives to antibiotics ever more urgent.

We need to create a sustainable healthcare system that supports and optimises human health whilst nurturing the diversity and future of our planet. By providing education opportunities and promoting better health choices, Pukka is advocating for a herbal revolution of preventative and alternative healthcare, where herbs are at the forefront of wellness.

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Influencing healthcare

Members of our herbal team regularly deliver talks to inspire on the power of plants. Through our partnership with the College of Medicine we’re working on a radical programme to change conversations about health, bringing together leading figures in medicine, holistic health and research to build a truly integrated health platform. One such example is support for the new concept of 'social prescription', now supported across the NHS. 

We also co-hosted the conference ‘Before we really need anti-biotics…. What healthy alternatives can we recommend?’ to discuss how to tackle the rise of antimicrobial resistance which is a major global public health threat. Reducing the over-prescription of antibiotics is vital as well as identifying new herbal treatments, such as andrographis.


There are so many benefits to being in nature, putting your hands in the soil and getting to know plants better. And it’s great fun too. We partnered with the Soil Association’s Food For Life Programme to teach children in schools and nurseries how to grow organically whilst learning about the wide-ranging benefits of herbs.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

 Nelson Mandela

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Pukka Life Academy

In 2019, we launched a brand-new CPD accredited education platform – curated by our herbal experts – called Pukka Life Academy, aimed at employees, trade partners and practitioners. Comprised of 14 interactive modules, Pukka Life Academy explores the concept of health and wellbeing from traditional, Ayurvedic and bio-medical perspectives. We match this digital resource with face-to-face sessions to support and encourage deeper learning within Pukka and our international community.

To get signed up to the Pukka Life Academy please email:

Due to legal restrictions, this course is unfortunately not available to members of the public.

Meet the team

grid-image-Pukka's Herbal Expertise - Seb Pole

Sebastian Pole

Pukka’s Co-founder and Master Herbsmith keeps a close eye on the formulation of our organic creations. Sebastian has been in clinical practice since 1998 using a blend of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western herbal medicine and has pioneered organic and FairWild practitioner-grade herbs as the norm at Pukka.

grid-image-Pukka's Herbal Expertise - Euan

Euan MacLennan

As well as heading up our herbal team, Euan also keeps engaged in clinical practice at an NHS General Practice in Central London. Having spent many years teaching clinical medicine, Euan is also conducting a clinical doctorate in gastrointestinal medicine at the University of Bath.

grid-image-Pukka's Herbal Expertise - Jo

Joanna Webber, BSc

Jo oversees the delivery of our industry-leading education to a range of audiences. As an Ayurvedic practitioner (BSc qualified) and yoga teacher, she is passionate about bringing these two ancient sciences together to help people feel empowered about their health today.

grid-image-Pukka's Herbal Expertise - Grid - Viv

Dr Vivien Rolfe, BSc, PhD

Viv has a background in gut physiology and nutrition and leads a portfolio of work looking at how herbs benefit our health. Much of this is done through engaging with young university scientists via internships and student projects, through to large-scale human studies on the safety and efficacy of our products.

grid-image-Pukka's Herbal Expertise - Marion

Marion Mackonochie, MSc

Marion works with universities to develop research projects on how Pukka products can help health and wellbeing. She is a practising medical herbalist, a member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy and an associate editor with the Journal of Herbal Medicine.

grid-image-Pukka's Herbal Expertise - Simon

Simon Mills

Simon has been in herbal practice since 1977 and at the forefront of the modern development of herbal, complementary and integrated medicine. In 1987 he co-founded the world’s first university centre for complementary health in Exeter.

grid-image-Pukka's Herbal Expertise - Holly

Holly Huntley, DIP CNM (MBANT)

Holly delivers herbal education to our partners who sell our products, as well as practitioners in different fields. As an nutritional therapist, she is ideally placed to support this group of practitioners in deepening their herbal knowledge. She enjoys creating fun and interactive workshops to connect people to the power of plants. 

grid-image-Pukka's Herbal Expertise - Vicky Murray

Vicky Murray

Vicky is on the constant look out for opportunities to do things in ways that have maximum benefits to people, plants and planet. Vicky leads the development of Pukka’s sustainability strategy, including our science-based carbon reduction targets.

grid-image-Pukka's Herbal Expertise - Claire

Claire Bergeron, DPharm, MSc

Claire provides herbal expertise to underpin Pukka’s teas, supplements and other product innovation work. Claire works closely with our operations team to ensure high standards for each raw material we source.