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A guide to cleansing for the pitta dosha

Pitta types are brimming with hot and fiery energy and really benefit from cooling cleanses to help rid them of some of that excess heat. It’s important for a pitta to remember that during a cleanse, the body is working overtime trying to eliminate built up toxins, so it's key to not overdo it.

Switching to exercises that are still challenging but not exhausting such as Ashtanga yoga will still give the physical release without over-exertion. Pitta types are the only dosha that can really tolerate cooler and raw foods. Keep food simple and increase levels of fresh fruit and vegetables whilst hydrating with cooling juices and herbal teas.

Herbs that are beneficial to the pitta dosha are those which are characteristically cooling, cleansing and anti-inflammatory. Pukka Aloe Vera Juice and Clean Greens Superblend really get to the root of deep-seated heat and inflammation in the body and can be incredibly supportive to the fiery pitta person.

Pairing this with refreshing and hydrating teas like Mint RefreshPeppermint & LicoriceClean Matcha Green and Three Mint can help to keep the pitta thermostat under control.

During a cleanse, all three doshas should keep the diet simple, vegetable-based and dairy-free, and reduce or eliminate caffeine and alcohol. Keep exercise to a minimum and remember not to overdo it, as your body will be working harder than usual at this time. 

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