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Fennel Teas

Fennel’s delicious soothing and refreshing flavours has made it one of our favourite herbs used in many of our tea blends. Our fennel teas are blended by our in-house experts using a balance of organic ingredients to help you relax and support your natural digestive process.

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Many of our organic fennel teas contain fennel seeds, chosen for their light, sweet taste and unique benefits. We source sweet fennel from Turkey and bitter fennel from Bulgaria and Hungary, where the climate is well suited to grow fennel of the highest quality organic.

Combining the citrusy notes of lemon and lemongrass with the aromatic flavours of coriander seed and fennel, our Fresh Start tea will awaken your senses as you start your day. Feeling good starts within and this wake up blend keeps your inner body moving.

Our Three Fennel tea contains sweet fennel, wild fennel and fennel leaf to create a deliciously sweet and aromatic blend. Our After Dinner tea bags contain an invigorating blend of sweet fennel, aniseed, chicory and ginger chosen to help you feel comfortable after eating. These digestive teas are the perfect finale to any meal.

All of our herbal teas have been blended using the highest quality ingredients, so shop our fennel herbal tea today.