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Goda livsstilsrutiner för Kapha

wisdom considers good lifestyle routines to be really important in balancing . You can balance Kapha’s cold, heavy and slow nature by favour more warming, drying and stimulating activities for body and mind.

It’s important to keep things moving as this mind-body type can sometimes get into too much of a routine. It may be helpful to sometimes shake things up a little bit.

The following lifestyle tips can all be helpful in keeping Kapha dosha in balance:

  • Many people with this constitution find that their resilience and stamina means they are not really hungry till mid-morning. Kapha types are better off waiting until they are truly hungry rather than eating breakfast for the sake of it. Find out more about . 

  • Try to avoid the temptation to comfort eat to help offset emotions (like indulging in sweets when down).

  • To keep things moving generally, regular brisk exercise is beneficial, no matter how much this dosha might try and avoid it. All other forms of exercise and movement are also highly recommended for this mind-body type- move the body as often as you can.

  • Try to avoid sleeping during the day – however, tempting an afternoon siesta may seem - as this can be aggravating for Kapha types. Find out more about .

  • Its also advised keeping the mind stimulated through embracing intellectual challenges.

  • To help balance the emotional tendency of Kapha to ‘hold on’, a good physical spring clean of the home can also work wonders at a time of year when Kapha might have accumulated after the winter. Try some form of ‘emotional housekeeping’ too, such as journaling, to help with this tendency to hold on.

  • Winter and spring are key times when Kapha dosha can get unbalanced, as the weather tends to be cold and damp, leading to colds and congestion. Try using more warming, stimulating herbs such as ,  and black pepper during these times.

  • Saunas can also be helpful by balancing cold and damp weather with their dry heat.

  • When booking some time away, it is beneficial for Kapha to take holidays in warm, dry countries.

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