Getting better sleep is one of the most powerful ways to promote our health and well-being, but it may involve making some changes. 

Here are some suggestions based on your quiz answers:

You tend to love your sleep, and get enough but you may also be at risk from getting too much sleep, leaving you feeling a bit unmotivated the next morning.

It seems you are likely to be a 'night owl' and enjoy staying up late, often past midnight. The key advice for you is to make sure you’re not overstimulated in the evening so you can get to bed by 11pm.

You’re usually a good sleeper but sometimes your sleep is disrupted

You need to have a good night time routine to get to bed on time otherwise you can experience broken sleep- sometimes having difficulty getting to sleep and other times waking up in the night and not being able to get back to sleep.

You usually sleep well but need to stick to a good evening wind down routine, as you sometimes find yourself staying up very late.

You tend to sleep lightly, and are easily disturbed in the night. You often wake several times and may have problems getting back to sleep. The key advice for you is to be comfortable going to sleep when you feel tired, instead of forcing yourself to stay up later.