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The kapha response to stress

Kapha types are your steady, strong and grounded individuals that often hold everything together. They are reliable, full of love and compassion with a calm and steady nature. This dosha is dominated by the earth element with stable and grounded qualities. They are the most resistant to getting stressed out by the many stress triggers in modern life and are seen as being laid back.

However, in the face of stressful situations they can be very resistant to change becoming stubborn or reclusive when challenged. When faced with stress, this mind-body type may also comfort eat, especially sweet foods, which leads a feeling of heaviness and a lack of motivation. Emotionally, this type also has the tendency to become mentally possessive, perhaps holding on to unhelpful emotions.

So how do we balance kapha?

You can balance kapha’s cold, damp, heavy nature by not reaching for cold and heavy comfort foods in times of stress such as cheese, wheat and sweet foods. Try not to hibernate in the face of a stressful situation or bury your emotions. Instead keep yourself energised and warm by getting outdoors and walking amongst nature.

Pukka teas and supplements to try:

  • To provide both a mental and physical boost whilst also building core energy levels within the adrenal glands try Wholistic Red Ginseng which is excellent for helping kapha types respond to stress

  • If digestion is affected by stress, try Wholistic™ Turmeric capsules and After Dinner capsules to keep cold and damp accumulations at bay

  • Partner these with warming, reviving teas such as Three GingerThree CinnamonAfter DinnerGinseng Matcha GreenRevitalise and Turmeric Gold.

If you don't already know what dosha you are, you can take our short dosha quiz to find out.

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