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Farm to cup - delicious herbal recipes inspired by Soul Fire Farm

We were in awe of the variety of medicinal plants & herbs grown at Soul Fire Farm in Petersburg, New York. Soul Fire Farm cultivates over 50 medicinal plants and herbs, grown using regenerative farming methods to support the community & indigenous and introduced varieties. Our Pukka Herbalist Lindsay Kluge has taken inspiration from the farm to craft these high vibration blends you can try at home.

Bright Spirit Tea Bright Spirit tea is formulated to bring cheer to your heart and brightness to your day.

Deep Dreams Tea  Deep Dreams tea is made for you to incorporate into your night time routine to allow the body to relax, wind down, and settle into deep sleep and wondrous dreams.

Calm Down Tea Calm Down tea is the tried and true ally tea we all need for stressful days.

Calendula Hand and Cuticle Oil  A perfect herbal combination for hardworking / gardening / woodworking / craft making hands.

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