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Calm Down Tea

Calm Down tea is the tried and true ally tea we all need for stressful days. Formulated to gently support our nervous and stress response system, it is a delicious and effective herbal tea blend to enjoy any time of day or night. Motherwort has an affinity for calming the heart, especially for those who feel stress as rapid heart beats or fear. Lavender, with it’s familiar sweetness, offsets the bitterness of motherwort. Skullcap calms and supports the nervous system, especially for those who feel stress as tightness in their upper body and shoulders. And Marshmallow soothes our digestion and sweetens our disposition. Together, this blend is a winning calm down formula, best sipped throughout the day whether or not stress is present! Energetics: Cooling & calming.

What you’ll need

½ teaspoon Motherwort leaf and flowering tops

½ teaspoon Lavender flowers

1 teaspoon  Skullcap leaves

 ½ teaspoon Marshmallow root


What you do

Steep herbs in 8-10 ounces of hot water and carry with you throughout the day or night to calm the jitters and tame daily panics.

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