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Pukka's Impact Report 2022

May 2023

We are living in a time of unprecedented crisis, both human and planetary. Temperatures are rising, species are disappearing and the global threats to human health have never been clearer – and yet there is hope. At Pukka, we believe everyone has the right to health and happiness – and we’re confident we can be a part of the solution to today’s biggest societal and planetary challenges.

Our purpose is to nurture healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants.

For thousands of years, in cultures all around the world, humans have relied on the healing power of natural, organically-grown plants to prevent and treat a wide range of health issues. At Pukka, we want to help more people discover the power of organic plants to support their health and wellbeing. The way we operate is rooted in our understanding that human health is dependent on planetary health - and that in order for humans to thrive, we must bring over lives back into balance with nature.

Our vision is a world where we all care for our health and wellbeing with powerful organic plants.

Achieving this vision requires individual action, and in many countries, significant systemic change. This report explains how Pukka is starting to change things for the better and doing business in an organic, ethical and regenerative way. So, make yourself a beautiful cup of Pukka tea, find a comfortable space, and breathe…. as we tell you about our vision for a Pukka world.

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