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Cure a hangover with plants: 9 natural remedies

Suffering from a hangover? We’re here to help. However, you don’t have to raid the local pharmacy to source a hangover cure. Try these easy, plant-based alternatives and ease the pain naturally.

Is it a hangover?

The key symptoms of a hangover often include dehydration, fatigue, nausea and a lowered immunity. You may also find that you’re craving unhealthy foods; this is usually due to fluctuations in blood sugar.

Beat nausea with ginger 

If you’re suffering from sickness, including an upset stomach and feeling sick after drinking, then ginger could be the nausea cure you need. 

This spice has anti-inflammatory properties, plus it stimulates blood flow and metabolism. This helps to boost detoxification and rid your body of the nasties that are causing you to feel sick after drinking alcohol

An easy way to drink ginger is with a cup of ginger tea or, alternatively, throw in a ½ inch slice of ginger root into a smoothie before blending. This natural nausea remedy is the best thing to drink when sick after alcohol consumption.

Ease a throbbing headache with turmeric

This renowned super spice is famous for its anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits, so it could help with that hangover headache. However, we now know that turmeric has a direct effect on liver cells, encouraging their regeneration and repair. But what makes it so fantastic? 

One of the key reasons turmeric is so celebrated is thanks to its yellow pigments, known as curcuminoids. These work alongside turmerones — essential oils within the turmeric root — to attack horrible ‘free radicals’, known to damage and age our bodies. Why not swap that morning coffee for a turmeric latte instead?

Banish brain fog with mint

A cup of mint tea might be your go-to after a big meal to help relax a full tummy, but the strong menthol essential oils in this super herb can also improve clarity and concentration, boosting energy. If you’re hungover and faced with a long day of work ahead, sipping on mint tea could help keep you focused, so you can power on through till the evening. 

Aid your digestion with fennel

Ever found yourself suffering from diarrhoea, constipation or bloating following a night of drinking? You’re not alone. In fact, alcohol is known to irritate the gut, causing it to run far less smoothly than normal! 

Of course, there’s a herb that can help. Fennel is great for easing indigestion by helping to relax our digestive system and reducing the gas, cramps and bloat that can often occur. It’s also a handy cure for nausea and can help to beat that hangover stomach ache

Try hugging a mug of lukewarm fennel tea upon waking and throughout the day, and try to avoid greasy, rich foods (however tempting!) which will only aggravate digestive issues.

Calm 'hanxiety' with chamomile

We’ve all been there; that feeling of dread the morning after the night before, often known as ‘the fear’ or ‘hangxiety’. Rather than spend your day suffering from hangover anxiety, calm your mind and body with chamomile. Chamomile is renowned for it’s calming abilities so you can often find it’s healing essential oils in bath soaks or candles - so show yourself some self love with the help of this herb today. 

Boost immunity with Vitamin C

Waking up from a night out with not just a hangover, but also the beginnings of a cold, is never ideal. Unfortunately, alcohol does our immune system no favours; when we drink, our body has to metabolize the alcohol, as alcohol can’t be stored. This becomes a priority over other processes in the body, such as maintaining immunity and warding off bugs. Your body also becomes more susceptible to infections.

However, vitamin C provides the immune system with that extra boost, helping to avoid those pesky colds and flu, and aid your hangover recovery. Find it in several fruits and vegetables including kiwis, oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, green peppers and even cabbage, or try a naturally derived food supplement. If you are opting for a supplement, watch out for ascorbic acid supplements which can cause tummy upsets in some people.

How to avoid a hangover

Although you may be suffering right now, there are ways to reduce the effects of a hangover in the future. 

In fact, not all alcoholic drinks will leave us feeling worse for wear and in search of a hangover cure the next day. When alcohol is broken down in the liver, it produces a substance known as acetaldehydes —  so the first step to hangover prevention is to avoid the alcohols that contain higher levels of acetaldehyde. This includes whiskey, cheap red wines, fruit brandy and dark spirits such as dark rum. 

If you are going to indulge, try sticking to clear spirits — such as vodka or gin — or look out for red wines with no sulphites added. Organic wine typically contains fewer sulphites, so it’s easier for the liver to breakdown — meaning your mind and body will be far happier the next day. 

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