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Visit Pukka on the Island of Tranquility

7th November 2016 to 18th November 2016

Come on in and take a mindful moment for yourself in the Island of Tranquility. We will be at:

  • Manchester Piccadilly train station on Monday 7th November
  • Cabot Circus in Bristol on Wednesday 9th November
  • King’s Cross train station in London on Monday 14th November
  • Victoria Station in London on Wednesday 16th November
  • Waterloo Station in London on Friday 18th November

The Island of Tranquility offers a sanctuary of solace – a place to give ourselves a mindful moment to ponder, rejuvenate, unwind and stay long enough for us to feel restored.

Explore, sit or walk around the Island and savour a sip of nature’s finest organic herbal teas. An experience for all of the senses, the Island of Tranquility enables us to reconnect inwards before entering the outside world.

Here at Pukka, we’ve created a space to inspire the vitality and positivity of health through nature’s finest herbs, without compromising the wellbeing of our beautiful planet. The Island of Tranquility is made from 100% sustainably sourced materials - a place of solace that restores and sustains us and the planet.

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