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Wilderness Festival

6th August 2015 to 9th August 2015

Before Wilderness, festivals’ didn’t offer forests or feasts. No one knew of a festival where you woke early to swim, or stayed late to learn. The story of Wilderness is one of gently rolling back the steel fences and quietly asking people of all ages to live together for one weekend; a story of exploring the widest lens of cultural ambition and inviting the outdoors back into the heart of the artistic experience. It’s a story of nudging the festival experience both into the past and towards the future…

Its parents are an unlikely pairing, the marriage of the creative teams behind Secret Garden Party and Lovebox. As with all great partnerships, this was one of reciprocal talents, one side bringing a passion to build transformative experiences, the other bringing a deep love of artistry and artisans. In 2011 Wilderness was born, with five thousand people celebrating the arts and outdoors in an ancient landscape.

And this year Pukka will be part of it.

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