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The nature of love - Organic Blooms

1st February 2018

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Organic Blooms - a Bristol-based organic cut flower farm is all about flowers. But, through this business, Jo Wright and her team are creating unique opportunities for people to connect with nature.

Behind this flower business is a social enterprise helping to support people with learning disabilities and mental health support needs. Growing and selling cut flowers is the focus around which everyone who attends discovers their own unique opportunity to learn, to heal, to develop, to make friends, and to eventually find work and move on in their own direction.

"We passionately believe that the relationship between people and plants in general is inextricably en-twined," Jo explains. “For people in recovery from mental health conditions or living with learning disabilities, the impact of working with plants in an understanding, supportive workplace can be profound.”

Organic Blooms has evolved from twenty years of running horticulture projects, using plants as a therapeutic medium for people with support needs. Beginning with just a few beds of flowers and a few bouquets for friends in 2006; the business has blossomed into a four-acre site selling beautiful, seasonal British cut flowers, sustainably grown without chemicals and with every consideration for the wellbeing of the soil, wildlife and people who have grown them.

As a human species we rely on plants for food and for the air we breathe. But more than that, plants and the natural environment have a very natural, deeply-rooted impact on our wellbeing.

Spending time out-side in a green environment has a positive impact on all of us. Given our close and beneficial, albeit often subconscious, relationship with plants and flowers, it is natural that we should choose to give them as gifts.

We’ve all experienced the emotional response (like a deep sigh of relief) when in nature. And the enthusiastic messages of thanks that the team regularly receive from their customers suggests that the natural feel of flowers enhancing their homes and special days has a similarly uplifting effect.

For centuries, people have given special meaning to flowers and used them to send personal messages or tell stories through art and literature. And the tradition continues, as the Valentine’s Day spike in flower orders testifies.

However, although the messages about food miles, sustainability and organic food are now widely understood by many, this has not quite yet translated to non-food products such as flowers.

Many do not realise that most flowers sold in the UK for Valentine’s Day are not in season. They are imported from overseas, usually grown and preserved with significant synthetic chemical input, transported long distances in refrigerated containers and cold-stored.

So, as a seasonal organic flower business, where does that leave Organic Blooms?

“Well this year we’re delighted that our gorgeous jewel-toned anemones which we grow in our unheated poly-tunnels are a month early and top quality, so we have a limited number in our online shop (so be sure to order yours now) for Valentine’s Day, attached to beautiful hand-woven willow hearts our team has been creating since New Year.”

Organic Blooms also have a range of vouchers to spend on bouquets, plug plant packs and flower subscriptions later in the year – deferred Valentine’s flowers if you will - and organic flowers feature as ingredients in dried and extract form in gorgeous hampers of local organic beauty products, chocolate and our very own Pukka Love tea.

Beautiful, romantic, seasonal and organic. What better way to show someone you care?

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