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Natural smoothie recipes to help kick start your day

2nd January 2018

Here's to a brand new year and the opportunity to give yourself a little reset after the indulgences of the festive season. We've blended up three delicious and nutritious smoothie recipes to help you give your breakfast a fresh and lively kick. You'll be happy to hear, they're really tasty too.

Clean Green Smoothie

Green means go, which is why we’ve created this powerful natural green blend to give a nourishing vitamin boost.

The power of clean, green plants such as spinach, mint and avocado can’t be underestimated – eating these and other green ingredients in smoothies is a powerful and easy way to help us to consume natural goodness. Follow the full recipe.

Vitalise Berry Smoothie Bowl

Up your breakfast game with this energy-packed berry smoothie bowl. Quick and easy to make, this nutrient rich recipe includes our organic Vitalise powder (packed with 30 energising botanicals) to give your immune and nervous systems an all-natural boost. Follow the full recipe.

Spirulina Protein Smoothie

Rich in natural plant protein, spirulina is the perfect addition to any post workout smoothie. We’ve created a protein shake recipe that brings you all the benefits of Pukka Herbs' organic Essential Spirulina powder, and tastes amazing as well.

What’s more, this recipe is packed with a whole list of incredible superfood ingredients too. Follow the full recipe.

Do you have a Pukka inspired smoothie recipe of your own? Share with us @PukkaHerbs using #PukkaLife.

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