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Bringing our WomanKind campaign to life

12th October 2017

At Pukka Herbs, we believe that the healing power of plants is something that should benefit everyone, everywhere.

We're talking about sustainably sourced, certified organic, medicinal grade plants. We have a connection to nature rooted in tradition, culture and community.

These were the ideas behind our ‘WomanKind’ campaign (which you may have noticed on Instagram). Earlier this year, we teamed up with the incredibly skilled embroidery artist Lou Gardiner to create a unique, energetic tapestry inspired by nature and in celebration of womankind.

Based in our home-town of Bristol, Lou - who's designed pieces for Liberty and exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery - uses the historic medium of embroidery as a fantastic communicative tool. She explains: “As an artist my role is to communicate important things that people sometimes don’t take time to stop and think or talk about. What is important now is the feminine.”

For the WomanKind project, Lou has been inspired by the shared experiences of women from many different backgrounds; including her own local female community and others from across the world. She says: “Many of the women who have been involved in the project have said how important looking after themselves in natural and creative ways is to them in order to nurture others, creating a more peaceful world.”

"This is an ode to all women, to the ‘feminine’ in all of us and Mother Nature. When we read of key themes defining women in the media we think of warrior, mother, goddess and lover. These are not always the perceptions real women have of themselves, but there is knowledge and creativity in every woman that can be shared and appreciated which is both universal and timeless.”

Lou’s worked closely with Sebastian, our Master Herbsmith, going on a journey of herbal discovery to find out more about living in harmony with plants. 21 of the ingredients (including shatavari, beetroot and chamomile) in our range of women's teas and supplements have been stitched into the living art, which now symbolises the power of women and the beauty of nature.

After six long months (and many late nights) the Cape of Empowerment is complete. Be sure to follow the hashtag #WomanKind on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we share its journey onward, as it tours the UK in celebration of womankind.

Professional photography by Naomi Wood

IG - @naomiswood

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