7 Day Turmeric Brainwave Wellbeing Programme

Welcome to your seven-day programme, to help boost your concentration and clarity.

Whether you're studying for an exam or working on a big work project, this weeklong plan offers simple ways to inspire concentration and motivation, and boost brainpower.

We recommend following this programme using our Turmeric Brainwave 7 Day Kit, available to buy from our online store.

We’d love to hear about your progress over the next seven days. Please share with @PukkaHerbs using #PukkaThinkWell or #PukkaWellbeing.

Learn about the amazing health benefits of turmeric.

7 Day Turmeric Brainwave Wellbeing Programme

Concentration, health and wellbeing

The levels of mental pressure we are under at work have increased gradually, seeing a move from previously physically demanding jobs to more mentally demanding jobs as the technological world has developed. A huge proportion of us spend hours in front of a screen on a daily basis with little or no physical exercise. In addition to this, the competition in the workplace, but also in school and higher education is ever increasing.

Awareness, consciousness and experience all contribute towards how the mind learns, processes and reacts to different situations. So, when we are sat in one place all day, with little interaction with the outside world, this can be difficult.

The cerebral cortex is the part of our brain that can interpret sensations from the body such as sounds, feelings, sights tastes and smells. It is also this part of the brain that generates thoughts, forms, and stores memories as well as controlling voluntary movements.

Our brain contains over 100 billion nerve cells known as neurons that receive signals into the body’s cells and transmit information. Stress can actually cause atrophy (laziness) of the neurons because they become so overexcited. So, the health of our brain is not only integral to how we mentally function but also how we perceive the world around us.

Getting started

  • Tidy space, tidy mind. How is the space that you work in? There are so many benefits to well an organised, clutter free working environment. Take some time to tidy your space and fuel your productivity this week.
  • Understand where your focus needs to be. Before you begin the seven day programme, focus your workflow with a plan for your week. Sit with your calendar and block out dedicated times of focus. It will help you avoid distractions whilst you achieve your goals.
  • Regular breaks. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re working on big tasks this week, give yourself a brief break to pause and re-energise. Your brain will love you for it.

Daily wellbeing tips

Here are 7 top tips from our herbal wellbeing experts you can try each day this week to help love and nourish your mind:

  1. Prepare your brain for the day. 
    When you wake, try this simple mindfulness practice whilst enjoying a gentle start to the day. Sit in a quiet space and set yourself a positive intention (or two) to carry with you through the day. Focus your mind on this for five minutes.

  2. Start the day with a cup of Pukka Turmeric Gold tea. 
    This warming, golden blend will help give your mind a morning wake-up call. Also, take one Pukka Turmeric Brainwave capsule in the morning, and one in the afternoon, to help improve memory and brain function through the day.

  3. Get moving. 
    A brisk walk is a great way to increase circulation and improve memory function. Be sure to try and get some fresh air before heading to the office or college. You could try cycling to work, parking a little further from the office or getting off the bus a stop earlier.

  4. Do a doodle. 
    Give your brain a break and find calm for two to three minutes by colouring in your very own Pukka mandala. A favourite activity with Tibetan monks, mandala colouring helps with concentration and allows you to order your thoughts. Print off your own Pukka mandala.

  5. Food for thought. Keep your body and mind at peak performance with nutritional foods. Look for plant-based brain boosters like dark leafy greens and purple and pink fruits, nuts and grains. The key is to eat naturally.

  6. A healthy brain requires a healthy lifestyle. 
    Just like our physical bodies need to be nourished and exercised, so do our minds. Try to cut back on TV time, a little less scrolling on social media, and allow more time for activities that nourish and feed our minds and creativity.

  7. End the day with a short meditation.
    Find a peaceful space, light a candle and focus on the flame for around five minutes. This will help focus the mind and calm any wayward thoughts left over from the day.

Turmeric Brainwave 7 Day Kit

An inspiring 7 day organic herbal tea and supplements kit, created to bring clarity and focus to your week.

Our kit contains:

  • 7 sachets of Turmeric Gold tea
  • 14 capsules of Turmeric Brainwave food supplement
  • A wellbeing guide with wellbeing tips and recipes by our expert herbalists

Turmeric Gold tea

This is a tea to celebrate life – lemon fruit, aromatic cardamom and whole leaf green tea expertly blended with turmeric, one of nature’s most powerful herbs.

Turmeric Brainwave food supplement

Turmeric Brainwave helps the mind to break through the noise of modern life, restoring our concentration and motivation. Brahmi and gotu kola are two of Ayurveda's supreme rejuvenators; they enhance circulation to help improve memory, learning ability and concentration.*

*Each daily serving (two capsules) gives you: 20% NRV of iodine and a good range of polyphenols. Iodine contributes to normal cognitive function and energy-yielding metabolism.

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