7 Day Relaxation Wellbeing Programme

Welcome to your seven-day relax programme, to help you invite a slower, more balanced way of being into your life.

This weeklong plan offers simple tips and ideas on how relaxation can fit into your daily life. Our team of herbal experts have also recommended herbs, teas, and supplements that can help ease the anxieties of modern-day life.

We recommend following this programme using our Relax 7 Day Kit, available to buy from our online store.

We’d love to hear about your progress over the next seven days. Please share with @PukkaHerbs using #PukkaFeelWell or #PukkaWellbeing.

7 Day Relaxation Wellbeing Programme

Mental health, stress & wellbeing

The modern lifestyle is hectic, busy and often pressured leaving us feeling as if there simply just aren’t enough hours in the day. Sometimes we just feel the need to kick back and relax.

If we don’t allow our body and mind time to recuperate from these periods of stress, then we risk becoming completely exhausted and unable to find the energy to complete simple daily tasks. It is our adrenal glands, situated just above the kidneys, which are responsible for the production of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

If we are constantly under a level of stress, our adrenals risk becoming exhausted because they are continually pouring out stress hormones. What then happens is that one small stressful situation becomes the straw that broke the camels back so to speak and we are left feeling totally washed out.

This doesn’t just affect us physically but also emotionally affecting our whole feeling of wellbeing. The good news is that there are plenty of ways in which we can naturally help our body relax.

Getting started

  • Block out some me time. This can come in whatever form works for you but try to find time this each day just for you. This could be as simple as sitting quietly with a cup of tea, taking a yoga class, or enjoying a warm bubble bath. Just make sure you have this time set aside each day.
  • No more naughties. Although they can appear to help us to relax, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and sugary treats actually increase our stress levels. For best results this week, aim to cut out or dramatically reduce your intake of all three. Water or herbal tea will help your body cope better with stress.
  • Write it down. Simply writing down your thoughts and emotions can make them feel much less intimidation. This week, try keeping a journal, taking half an hour first thing each morning to write your own personal page.

Daily wellbeing tips

Here are seven top tips from our herbal wellbeing experts to help you invite a slower, more balanced way of being into your life:

  1. Start the day right.
    When you wake, enjoy a gentle start to the day with a cup of Relax tea. Sit in a quiet space and set yourself a positive intention (or two) to carry with you through the day. Focus your mind on this for five minutes to help you to focus and maintain peace and order in your life

  2. Keep calm and take ashwagandha. 
    Ayurveda’s primary adaptogenic herb, ashwagandha is the perfect herb for the 21st century as it both calms and energises, helping us to adapt to the stresses of every day living.

  3. Slow your food down.
    Fast and convenience foods are tempting when we feel stressed as they are easy and quick. However, highly processed foods require more energy to break down, sometimes leaving us feeling tired. Avoiding highly processed and sugary foods will actually in the long-term boost our energy levels. Soups, stews, root vegetables, and other simple, grounding foods are good choices.

  4. Make time for you.
    One of the most important steps to reducing stress is to slow down. Give yourself time during your day to follow these three yin yoga poses by Mind Body Bowl. Just five minutes in these gentle poses will help you to unwind and bring calm to your day.

  5. Cut the caffeine.
    If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, turning to coffee for a boost may do more harm than good. High doses of caffeine and other stimulating substances can cause your body to make more stress hormones, increasing the draining effects of stress on your mind and body. Instead, try matcha green tea.

  6. Clear your mind.
    At the end the day with a short meditation. Find a peaceful space, light a candle and focus on the flame for around five minutes. This will help focus the mind and calm any wayward thoughts left over from the day.

  7. Settle down with a warming Pukka Relax tea each evening before bed.
    A calming combination of chamomile, fennel, and marshmallow, this soothing blend helps reduce pent-up tension being held in our digestive system and nervous system. A cup of this each evening will help you to drift off into a peaceful, nourishing sleep.

Relax 7 Day Kit

A calming 7 day organic tea and supplements kit created by our expert herbalists to support you through the pace of modern life.

Our kit contains:

  • 7 sachets of Relax tea
  • 14 capsules of Wholistic™ Ashwagandha food supplement
  • A wellbeing guide with tips and recipes by our expert herbalists

Relax tea

Sit back, unwind and enjoy a tranquil blend of chamomile flower, oat flowering tops, fennel seed and marshmallow root.

Wholistic™ Ashwagandha food supplement

Ashwagandha is known as the herb of modern life, and has been used for centuries to moderate the body’s response to stress. Wholistic™ Ashwagandha is a natural formula to nourish the mind and relax the nervous system*.

*Each daily serving (two capsules) gives you 20% NRV of iodine: Iodine contributes to normal cognitive function, energy-yielding metabolism, hormone production and the normal functioning of the nervous system.

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