7 Day Night Time Wellbeing Programme

Welcome to your 7-day wellbeing programme, created by our herbal experts to improve your quality of sleep and help you wake feeling fresh and more energised.

Our expert team of herbalists have created a set of simple steps you can follow to get the very best from the 7-day programme, including the recommended teas and supplements to take, and small positive habits you can try over the week.

We recommend that you follow this programme using our Night Time 7 Day Kit available to buy from our online store.

We’d love to hear about your progress over the next seven days. Please share with @PukkaHerbs using #PukkaSleepWell or #PukkaWellbeing.

7 Day Night Time Wellbeing Programme

Sleep, health and wellbeing

Being unable to sleep can have a massive impact on our wellbeing, energy levels, memory, and concentration.

Insomnia isn’t just about not being able to sleep, it can take on many different forms and can be characterised by difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep and waking in the night. Most people suffer from occasional sleeplessness but about one-third of all adults suffer from some form of long-term sleep disturbance.

In addition to this, there are also a number of different symptoms associated with insomnia such as difficulty getting to sleep, difficulty in staying asleep, restlessness at night, excessive dreaming and irregular sleeping patterns.

So what causes our body to fall asleep? As darkness creeps in, glands in our body produce a hormone known as melatonin into the blood for around 12 hours. It is melatonin that influences you to feel sleepy and is synthesized from tryptophan which can be found in many common foods. Interestingly, its release can be inhibited even by the presence of artificial lights.

Why is it so important that we get a good night’s sleep? It is while we are sleeping that we repair our physical body. There are four stages of the sleep cycle, with stages three and four being the most important for body and mind maintenance and repair mechanisms. It is in stages three and four that growth and repair processes occur and our brain and adrenal glands are restored.

Getting started

  • Prepare your space. A peaceful and calm sleeping space will help you to wind down and let go of the day’s stresses. Keep noise and electronic stimulation to a minimum, and make sure your room slightly cooler. Most Importantly, make sure your bed is comfortable.
  • Sleep routine. Try your very best to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day this week. This will help to set your bodies internal clock and establish a positive sleeping pattern.

Daily wellbeing tips

Here are 7 top tips from our herbal wellbeing experts to help you invite a slower, more balanced way of being into your life:

  1. Take time to unwind.
    Just before bed (or if you wake in the early hours), try a simple mindfulness practice or meditation whilst lying down and comfortable.

  2. Love yourself.
    Before your morning shower, try an invigorating massage with a stimulating or spicy oil to get the blood flowing and release any tension.

    For self-massage, use a warmed oil if possible – even if you just warm it up in your hands, this is better than straight out of the bottle. Try a simple organic sesame oil or Pukka 35 Active Oil.

    Massage the oil into the entire body, working it deep into the skin. Take a good 15-20 minutes to do this and allow the oil to sink in. Then take a warm bath or shower to rinse any excess oil off.

    Try only washing your main areas, as the oil will continue to absorb into and cleanse the skin once you have rinsed.

  3. Calming foods.
    For breakfast, lunch and dinner try and include foods that are natural sources of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that helps the body to naturally calm, induces sleep and fights anxiety. These include proteins, oats, bananas, chocolate, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and dates.

  4. A night time routine is something that should be really savoured.
    Think of little habits that can help calm the body and mind before bed. Try running a warm bath infused with epsom salts and soothing herbs like lavender, or snuggle up with a cup of Night Time tea. Keep noise and electronic stimulation to a minimum and dim the lights for an hour or so before bed.

  5. No more naughties.
    Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol tend to disrupt physiological cycles and can actually inhibit a restful night. If you have trouble sleeping, it's probably best to cut these out (or dramatically cut down) from your lifestyle.

  6. Snuggle up with a Pukka cuppa.
    After dinner, enjoy a cup of Pukka Night Time tea containing natural relaxant herbs such as chamomile, oat straw, limeflowers, and valerian. Allow this sleepy blend to soothe, ground and calm your body and mind.

  7. Wind down with valerian.
    About half an hour or an hour before getting into bed take two capsules of the Pukka Night Time capsules. This formula contains both valerian and ashwagandha which will help restore healthy sleeping patterns for an undisturbed and refreshing night’s sleep. If you wake in the night, you can take another capsule to help calm an overactive nervous system.

Night Time 7 Day Kit

A dreamy 7 day organic tea and supplements kit created by our team of expert herbalists.

Our kit contains:

  • 7 sachets of Night Time tea
  • 14 capsules of Night Time food supplement
  • A wellbeing guide with tips and recipes by our expert herbalists

Night Time tea

Night Time tea combines a sleepy crush of oat flower, soothing lavender and limeflower together with the magic of valerian.

Night Time food supplement

Night Time is a concentrated blend of organic herbs including valerian and the majestical herb ashwagandha.

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