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3 Teas to Enjoy Everyday

At Pukka, we always have a tea sachet with us everywhere we go, and often keep several in our office drawers, home tea cupboards and in our travel bags. There is a perfect blend for any time or need, and three of our favorite teas to enjoy everyday include Supreme Matcha Green, Lemon Ginger Manuka Honey, and Night Time. This trio of herbal teas can support a balanced day while giving you some extra delicious moments of calm. 


For a gentle uplift without the jitters of a high caffeine beverage, Supreme Matcha Green tea is the perfect morning cuppa to ease into your day. Antioxidant rich green tea is paired with L-theanine containing matcha to calm your mind while gradually awakening your senses. Enjoy as-is, or with a bit of lemon or honey. 


If you find yourself sinking into an afternoon slump, Lemon Ginger Manuka Honey tea is an invigorating and zesty blend to warm you from the inside out. Midday is a wonderful opportunity to allow yourself a small break and enjoy tea time. The simple act of taking a few moments to enjoy a warm cup of tea can reinvigorate your mind and give your body time to unwind if you’re feeling tense. Enjoy the delicious aroma of lemon ginger manuka honey tea while it brings comfort to your whole body. 


What better way to unwind before bedtime than with a cup of hot tea and a good book? We love Night Time tea every night to help ease us into soothing sleep, or Night Time Berry tea for overnight wellness. Enjoy this dreamy  blend of valerian, oat flower, lavender & chamomile 1-2 hours before bed time, paired with a calming activity such as journaling, reading, listening to a sleep story, or doing some gentle stretching. 

This trio of teas are wonderful to travel with, helping you maintain your daily routines and add some familiar wellness habits into your days away. You can also keep a Tea Sample box nearby at your office or family’s home to always have the perfect blend on hand, whenever the mood strikes for a cup of calm.