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Why CALM should be our best habit

Throughout the course of the day, from the time we wake up until the time we crawl back into bed, we experience thousands of stimuli and situations. Hundreds of decisions and small interactions along with constant thoughts about the past and future accumulate in our body and settle into specific areas. A bit of accumulated stress may show up as tightness in our neck, or the anxious anticipation of an upcoming meeting may cause our stomach to turn inside out. The tension of financial strain may manifest as daily headaches, or caregiving for children or parents can feel like a weight on our chest. Our body is designed to handle short term stress fairly well, however long term, chronic stress can cause serious health issues - both physically and mentally.

The more frequently we can tap into simple CALMING practices, the better our body can tolerate daily stressors. 

Here are 10 mindfulness practices to bring calm into your day that you can practice anytime, everyday.

1. Before getting out of bed in the morning, take 60 seconds to calm your mind, focus on your breathing, and set an intention for your day.

2. Make brushing your teeth a mini meditation. Try to maintain focus on simply that one task from start to finish. This helps train the mind and nervous system to stay centered and aligned.

3. Take frequent tea breaks! Mid-afternoon is a perfect time to take a small screen break, brew up a cup of calming and nourishing Relax tea, and check in with your body. Click here to shop our collection of Calming teas.

4. Turn OFF notifications on your phone if they cause you the least bit of stress or annoyance.

5. Spend time outside. Even for just 5 minutes breathing in the fresh air, taking a short walk and observing nature has a calming effect on our nervous system.

6. Enjoy essential oils for extra calming and grounding, Chamomile, lavender or peppermint are wonderful to keep in your car or at your desk to breath in deeply for an instant calming sensation.

7. Enjoy a gentle self massage. While at your desk, massage your shoulders and neck or anywhere you feel tension in your body. This is a great little practice to pair with your afternoon tea break.

8. Practice gratitude journaling. Once or twice per day, take a moment to settle into your body, and write something you’re grateful for that day.

9. Play peaceful music during your workday or while driving. What we hear in the background of our day has an impact on our mental state and how we hold our body.

10. If you regularly drive, take a deep breath at every red light. A very full breath in, and a long exhale out

Pick at least 4 of these calming habits to try this week. Write them down in a visible place or set a calendar reminder to keep them top of mind. Repetition is key to forming habits, and your body & mind will come to appreciate these small moments to invite more calm into your day.