Herbal Teas

Our herbal teas are blended by our in-house team of qualified herbal experts to nourish your mind and body at every moment. Combining traditional herbal wisdom with the latest scientific research, our herbal teas are crafted to support digestion, sleep, and energy, as well as immunity and relaxation.

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Each of our organic teas use several herbs, making each blend unique in taste and benefit. Using high quality ingredients, our in-house quality team taste every single batch of tea that is produced, ensuring our blends deliver on potency, efficacy, and superior taste.

Each home compostable tea bag is protected by our FSC® certified sachet that locks in the freshness and retains the high essential oil content. The envelope also prevents any cross-contamination of flavour or smell with other nearby foods.

Crafted without compromise to care for the growers and the environment, all ingredients in our natural herbal teas are fair and organically grown. Our tea packaging is 100% fully recyclable. Including supplements and gifting, 98% of our packaging is recyclable and we are working hard on the remaining 2%. To find out more about our pledge to the planet, visit our sustainability hub.

Want to try something new? We have created a whole range of recipes using our flavored herbal teas. From warm and iced drinks to comforting cakes, breakfast, and dinner recipes, you can discover a whole new way to enjoy your favourite tea.