Aqua Herbs Citrus Zing
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Aqua Herbs Citrus Zing

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Put a spring in your step with the uplifting mix of green tea, ginseng and lemongrass. Add flavour and plant power to your water anytime, anywhere. Blended using the worlds’ finest organic herbs. Distilled and compacted into a tiny bottle of pure herbal power. Sugar free and organic certified.

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Shake before use and add a dash (roughly a level teaspoon) to 500ml of water. Shake and enjoy. Use within three weeks of opening. Do not drink undiluted. Each bottle contains 30ml of Aqua Herbs which is equivalent to 15 servings.

Concentrated white grape juice (31%), Honey, Concentrated apple juice, Green tea glycerite*, Concentrated lemon juice, Lemongrass extract, Ginger root extract, Ginger root tincture, Red ginseng root tincture.

*Contains non-organic citric acid

  • Organic

  • Vegetarian

Frequently asked questions

Our carton is made from FSC certified carton board.

The bottle is made from recyclable amber glass to ensure the product is protected from ultraviolet light.   

The insert and lid are both made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, to allow it to withstand the high temperatures of pasteurisation and provide a strong seal to prevent leakage. They are not made from recycled plastic as this is not currently available in a form that meets food safety standards. We have chosen a white lid as once it has been recycled, it allows the plastic to be used more easily in new/future recycled products.

The packaging is widely recyclable. We recommend you rinse and recycle the bottle with the lid on, however please check your local Recycling policy before disposal.

We recommend 2ml of Aqua Herbs in 500ml of water, but Aqua Herbs have been created so that you can adjust the amount you add depending on your personal preference.

To prepare, shake the Aqua Herbs bottle, add a dash to your water, shake or stir to fully mix Aqua Herbs into the water and enjoy.

It can be drunk hot or cold.

Do not drink undiluted.

Turmeric Active and Chamomile Relax are caffeine free. Citrus Zing has a small amount of green tea in it and therefore a very small amount of caffeine.

None of our Aqua herbs contain legally regulated allergens as ingredients (such as gluten, milk, soy or nuts to name some of them) and we maintain strict food labelling compliance in accordance with the relevant regulations.

These products are suitable for vegetarians. However, given that they do contain honey, they are not suitable for vegans.

We use 3 types of herbal extracts in the Aqua Herbs:

1) Glycerite (contains non-organic citric acid). Glycerites are liquid herbal extracts that use vegetable glycerin as the medium to extract the active constituents and flavour from the plants.

2) Water soluble extract.

3) Tinctures are botanical extracts obtained by extraction of the botanicals using ethanol and water.

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