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Introducing accessibility adjustments with AccessiBe

At Pukka, as part of our ongoing commitment to make our content as inclusive as possible we now have a new accessibility tool on our website provided by AccessiBe.

We believe all of the visitors to our website should be able to access, browse and enjoy their experience, and we strive simultaneously to provide a visually rich user experience. For those users who need it, our goal is to facilitate access to our website using assistive technologies which is why we have recently partnered with AccessiBe.

Accessibe is an accessibility interface that enables people with certain disabilities to customise the user interface (UI) of our website to suit their unique needs. The website also makes use of an AI-based programme that is continuously self-improving to address the more complex accessibility requirements.

There are a variety of different adjustments you can make to help improve your experience like the seizure safe feature that clears flashes, the ADHD friendly feature that reduces distractions for better focus, the vison impaired feature that enhances the websites visuals, and many more. We don’t want anyone missing out on the amazing power of herbs, and by partnering with AccessiBe we can be sure that our website is more accessible and more inclusive than ever.

In the bottom right corner of any page on our website you will see the ISA (international symbol of accessibility) icon. When you click the Icon, you’ll see a pop-up page where you can choose between 16 different languages to make the modifications to meet your own personal accessibility needs, including in content, colour and orientation adjustments.

So, whether you are looking for tips for your health and wellbeing, reading about our delicious recipes or browsing our range of herbal creations, we are here to make sure your accessibility needs are met.

Please do contact us if you have any feedback on the tool or any aspect of our website, we always welcome your thoughts.

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