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November 2016

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Bedtime bliss is just around the corner with our selection of dreamy sleep time tips and stories. You also have a chance to win a blissful Night Time bundle, including a treat from Neom, in our Night Time competition.


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Simple steps to help you sleep soundly

100 years ago we used to get an average of nine hours sleep per night. According to a 2016 study by the Royal Society for Public Health, the average British adult now sleeps for six hours 48 minutes a night - an average sleep deficit of 14hrs per week. Katie Pande, Pukka’s Herbal Advisor, explores the alternatives to conventional sleeping products to aid sleep.

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The Regenerative Power of Limeflower

Limeflower is renowned for its soothing and relaxing properties. So it’s no coincidence that we use this plant in some of best known teas including Love and Night Time. But did you know, that when you drink these teas you are helping to support efforts to regenerate society in a small corner of the world torn apart by the effects of civil war? Ben Heron, Pukka’s Sustainable Herbs Manager explains.

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Five Herbs to Help you Sleep

The reason why a good night’s sleep is so important is because it is while we are sleeping that we repair our physical body. There are 4 stages to the sleep cycle, with stages 3 & 4 being the most important for body and mind maintenance and repair. This article introduces five herbs to help support healthy sleeping patterns.

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What are adaptogen herbs?

None of us are immune to the pressures of modern life, whether it be work deadlines, the daily commute or just simply never having enough hours in the day. Sebastian Pole considers a very special selection of plants that can literally help our bodies adapt to the daily challenges of life.

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