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March 2016 edition

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As the first half of March is FairTrade Fortnight, this month's edition of our regular magazine is all about ethical trading. We also explore the wonders of adaptogen herbs and share some tips on how to relax.


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What are adaptogen herbs?

None of us are immune to the pressures of modern life, whether it be work deadlines, the daily commute or just simply never having enough hours in the day. Sebastian Pole considers a very special selection of plants that can literally help our bodies adapt to the daily challenges of life.

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Pukka tea, a fairer cup from around the world

Using certification like organic and Fairtrade means we can trace all of our herbs right back to the field they grew in. So as you sit down to enjoy your next delicious cup of Pukka tea, we invite you to ask yourself, where in the world is it from?

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a powerful relaxation meditation technique performed in the lying position. It is one of the most beloved of all the relaxation-meditation techniques in the world today.

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