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Welcome to 2017

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Welcome to 2017 – we hope this year brings you wellness and happiness. It’s tradition at this time of year to cleanse and wash away the excesses of the Christmas period. But ‘detoxing’ isn’t the time to starve ourselves of foods and drinks we love or indeed enjoy. This month we share our tips to cleanse the right way through the positive power of plants. 


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Give back to yourself

When we set ourselves goals to meet, we’re often telling ourselves subconsciously that we’re not quite good enough as we are. Instead, take time to give back to yourself; create more time, nurture what’s important to you and ultimately reconnect with yourself. Here are some simple steps to help with this.

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Breathe deep to cleanse your mind and body

Society often sees the body as toxic and dirty - the imbalanced relationship we have with dieting or the huge sales of laxatives shows this. But we’re not inherently ‘toxic’- we’re just exposed to toxic environmental pollutants – especially in our big cities.

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Drinking your greens

Pukka Planet regular Suze Pole interviews the inspirational Nadia Brydon, a leading light in complementary and alternative medicine with an unusual approach for a nutritionist.

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