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Autumn 2016

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Herbal saviours for a healthy autumn

Autumn is a time for change. We move from the hot, dry heat of summer to the cool and damp climate of autumn. It’s not just the environment that changes; our bodies and minds also react to the change. Katie Pande, Pukka's Herbal Adviser, gives her top tips on what’s good to keep our body and brain glowing during this change of seasons.

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Image for How wild is your green tea?

How wild is your green tea?

The humble cup of tea has become a ubiquitous part of our lives, but how often do we stop to think about where it comes from? When we do, chances are that our minds conjure up images of neatly manicured tea plantations with leaves being plucked from row upon row of tea bushes. In many cases, this image is not far from the truth. But in a remote corner of Vietnam – the source of our Suoi Gang green tea and Nam Lanh black tea – it is a very different story. Ben Heron, Pukka's Sustainable Herbs Manager explains how green tea can be wild.

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Image for Glow with Pukka this autumn

Glow with Pukka this autumn

With its spectacular cloak of colour, autumn is like a second spring with every leaf in flower. Join us in celebration of this beautiful season and find out how to keep your summer glow.

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Image for The secrets of glowing skin

The secrets of glowing skin

What you put into your body directly impacts not only you feel and your health and wellbeing, it also impacts on how you look – not least your skin which is the biggest organic of the body. Find out which foods and drinks are good for your skin.

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Image for Pollution-proof your skin – from the inside out

Pollution-proof your skin – from the inside out

Our skin is an expression of our health and our environment. When we’re tired or unwell, it can look grey or dull. And when we’re exposed to lots of toxins and free radicals – and don’t have enough antioxidants to ‘mop them up’ – one of the results can be faster skin ageing. So what are the sources of these skin-damaging toxins and free radicals? And how can we negate them with free radical scavengers, antioxidants?

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Image for Say hello to gorgeous skin with super spice

Say hello to gorgeous skin with super spice

You probably know turmeric for being one of the spices used in Indian and Asian cooking. It adds depth of flavour – and the vibrant yellow-orange colour – to dishes such as curries. But turmeric does much more than make our food taste amazing. It’s actually been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for around 4,000 years for its health benefits. So what can this super spice do for you and how can you harness its power?

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