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19th September 2019

Pukka Herbs Climate Emergency Declaration

Pukka Herbs was created with the purpose of benefitting the health of people, plants and the planet. When we began in 2001 the science was already clear that business needed to operate in a way that regenerated our environment and society. These are the values that Pukka was built upon; organic farming, fair trade and conservation through commerce.

Based on the sobering research and statistics, indicating the severity of planetary damage caused, and the small window we have to reverse the effects, we believe it is our moral duty as a company operating today, to declare a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency.

As a result of this declaration, our goal to be Carbon Neutral by 2030, has been brought forward to 2019. From now we offset our entire ‘crop to cup’ carbon footprint so everyone can enjoy a carbon neutral Pukka cup of tea or herbal supplement.

As well as bringing forward our carbon neutral commitment, here are some of the other ways we have committed to addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis in our declaration:

  • We will complete a Climate Manifesto by January 2020 detailing how we will deliver on our Science Based Target

  • Whilst we already source 100% organic herbs, we commit to identifying other ways to address the biodiversity crisis

  • We will factor the carbon and biodiversity impact into all new product development

  • Regenerative agriculture: every product we create is certified organic locking more carbon into the soil, avoiding carbon intensive fertilizers and promoting more wildlife

  • We are supporting farmers to use climate and nature friendly farming practices with our Pukka Life Impact fund

  • Our wild herbs are certified FairWild protecting wild places and delicate ecosystems

  • We use only renewable energy sourced locally via Good Energy’s ‘Selectricity’ tool

  • We donate 1% of turnover to environmental causes annually – this figure stood at £425,000 last year

  • We are a vegetarian company

  • Our employees compete to save carbon through Do Nation

But there is still more to be done. As a next step, we will complete our Climate Manifesto by January 2020 to further detail the specific milestones and timelines to achieve our science based target. This will include factoring the carbon and biodiversity impact into all new product development. We also acknowledge that although we source 100% organic herbs, we need to identify further ways to address the biodiversity crisis.

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